Kabayan Classifieds is quite simply the most cost effective way to generate quality sales enquiries and promote your products to the international Filipino Community.

We are the country’s largest online interactive product database serving the Filipinos Communities in United Arab Emirates, Philippines and other countries. Our Filipino site users are  from  Middle East, USA, Philippines, Asia and even more on other countries searching for the latest product and services.

The Key is Pull v. Push Marketing

The majority of our traffic comes from people typing specific keywords into Google and other search engines. These purchasers and specifiers are coming to us with the intent to buy or specify. This is very different from trying to sell something to an audience hoping some of them happen to intend to specify or buy.

Kabayan Classifieds offers a unique marketing and advertising platform which allows our members to take advantage of what online and new media has to offer compared with traditional marketing and advertising methods.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Content on Kabayan Classifieds has a snowball effect, generating ever-increasing and longer term exposure compared with a hard copy magazine, directory or an exhibition.

Lead Generation

Kabayan Classifieds has been designed to produce specific sales enquiries for our members, each product page has a contact form allowing our users to request more information with ease.

Targeted Web Traffic

We link to our member’s website and providing them with targeted high-quality relevant web traffic. These click through’s are very high value. For example, potential customers would have already searched for a specific type of product via Google.

High-Quality Links

Brand Exposure & International Visibility

Our site visitor numbers are constantly increasing at the last count 60,000 used Kabayan Classifieds  since August 2017 to search for and learn more about. As a member, a good selection of these visitors will see your company products and brand.

Our newsletter alone is sent to our readership online. New visits to the site are on average 80% each month. If a company takes a 3-month profile they have the potential to reach over 50,000 unique visitors to Kabayan Classifieds.


The great thing about online marketing is measurement. We monitor all page views and specific product enquiries on the site and provide this data to our members enabling valuable feedback from marketing spend and return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Support

As with as our website and monthly newsletter, we also support our members via the Kabayan Classifieds, Social Media Channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,  Youtube Channel.

With all memberships on Kabayan Classifieds, we offer unlimited changes and updates to any of your information throughout.

For a FRESH approach to marketing in Kabayan Classifieds website choose us.

Guaranteed for your online presence. 

As of 01 June 2022, we have 20,138 members standing in our site and counting every hours.

Kabayan Advertising is looking for long terms sponsors or advertiser’s. Don’t hesitate to send email at support@kabayan.ae.

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