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If you are looking for the best portable oxygen concentrator in UAE, you have come to the right place!, the leading online marketplace in UAE for the best brand names in Rehabilitation, Home Care, P&O, and other categories is here to make your purchase affordable.

How does an oxygen concentrator produce medical oxygen?

The atmospheric air that we breathe in has around 21% of oxygen. Our lungs separate it when it enters through our nostrils and makes pure oxygen available to the blood for circulation. The best oxygen concentrators separate the air and concentrates the oxygen percentage.

What is the difference between oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators?

Unlike oxygen cylinders which are pre-filled with pure oxygen, the oxygen concentrator makes use of the environmental or room air to concentrate it. Thus, the cylinders may go out of oxygen, but the concentrators never, until there are some technical flaws.

What are the different types of oxygen concentrators?

There are two types as follows:

  1. Continuous flow: Continuous flow oxygen concentrator maintains a steady flow of oxygen every minute unless it is turned off irrespective of whether a patient is breathing it in or not.
  2. Pulse dose: A pulse dose oxygen concentrator detects breathing pattern and dispenses oxygen when it detects inhalation. The amount of oxygen release varies as per the demand of the patients.

Where are the top brands of oxygen concentrators in Dubai?

Kare Medical, O2 CONCEPTS, Sanrai, Yuwell and Philips are the recognized as the trusted brands in the making of oxygen concentrators.

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