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Diamonds and precious stones are in your hands with the ElectraThere are many types of diamonds and precious stones in the ground, and at the same time there are many amateur prospectors and traders interested in the search for diamonds of all kinds as well as gems, but lacks a sophisticated scientific tool that guides them to the sites of these wealthElectra, the most advanced technology in the world of detection and exploration of anecdotes, you can easily dig for diamonds and precious stones and locate and know where it is characterized by this device to detect and capture targets from a distance of up to 2250 m.Electra works on high-performance scientific systems and technologies to detect diamonds and precious stones in the ground and up to a depth of up to 100 meters, using the advanced search systems provided by the user, which gives the user a search interface and accurate tracking of the path and location of the targetThis device provides a list of settings through which you can choose the type of target to be searched and determine the depth and distance of search before starting the exploration process, the ease of use and detection of the Electra device is one of the most important features as it is characterized by its small size and high accuracy in performanceThe device has two detection systems1. Long range detection system (manual)This system has been developed and developed in multiple stages to get the best result in the identification and monitoring of target locations from long distances and high accuracy, takes the explorer to the target site completely at a discounted rate of up to 100%.2. Long range detection system (automatic)It is called automatic system, because for the first time globally in long-range metal detectors we have provided you with automatic detection system for the target monitored, so that the target name appears on the screen automatically, and it is very interesting to determine the target distance from the point of the device and very accurately, and to be Tracking and Detecting Automatically and Actually After the target is located, the user can automatically see its depth and the result appears on the screen.


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