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Torn paper -Corner folding paper can be a major cause of paper jams in all types or designs of printers

Improper loading -When inserting papers into the printer, all paper sizes should be set so that they do not affect any printing process and will damage the feeder.

Overfilling of paper-Paper trays should never be overloaded or filled with a significant amount of paper. Overload over time can cause a paper jam problem in the tray printer repair.

Fox printer-Clean the printer periodically, dust in a paper tray or jam inside the samsung printer.

Overcurrent flow-It is advised that the power supply (voltage) to your printer should be from a dedicated circuit, as it will maintain and maintain a steady level of power to the Samsung Printer repair dubai  thus preventing paper jams printer repair .

Using the wrong tray-Each model of the printer has paper trays of different dimensions and different sizes, so the tray must be for a specific model and avoid the problem of paper jam samsung printer .

Stock in product tray area-It is always advisable to keep the output tray clear to prevent stock up.

Printer status-The irregular position of the printer affects the feeder and causes paper jams. Samsung Printer repair dubai

Different size of paper-The problem of paper jam is caused by mixing and using different sizes of paper.

Dimensions of letters- The use of irregular shapes of paper causes printer jam.

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