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Is your child disabled? Are you looking for a pediatric wheelchair in Dubai? If yes, we can help you! Sehaaonline is the number one medical equipment platform in the United Arab Emirates that provides an extensive range of children’s wheelchairs or pediatric wheelchairs.


They provide branded and high-quality baby wheelchairs that can help your child get the optimal amount of support needed after a disability. The disability can be due to many underlying reasons.


These factors include genetics, parental health and behaviours (such as smoking and drinking) during pregnancy, birth complications, infections that the mother may contract during pregnancy or that the baby may contract early in life, and exposure to high levels of environmental toxins by the mother or child.


As we know any child with a disability should be seen as a vulnerable youngster. If a child has substantial challenges with communication, comprehension, vision, hearing, or physical functioning, they are called handicapped. Parents aim to provide the best to their child with the finest range of healthcare equipment like a wheelchair.


If you are looking for an extensive range to choose from, manual or electrical, portable or foldable, lightweight or aluminium made, visit Sehaaonline –


You can reach the team at +971 58 597 9509.

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