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An Escalation Matrix is an issue handling process that notifies agents and decides the assigning of tickets to different level agents.
Not every ticket is the same and created equally. Some are easier than others and some may indicate the larger issue. Ticket Escalation helps you in identifying the tickets that require special attention or intelligent agents and route them to the appropriate agents.
Every business must have a proper escalation matrix in its working system. It follows different levels or hierarchies that can be created smoothly to get the issue resolved within a given time period. Any complaint that received in Ticketing System is assigned to the first level by default. If however, the ticket is not resolved, it will pass on to the next level support agents. This is to make sure that there is a seamless workflow system.
Organizations must have complete control over the resolution of different tickets. It is essential and more important in delivering flawless customer service. Based on the stage of the ticket our Help Desk Ticket Management System provides automatic escalation management starts from the lower level support person to the higher management staff.

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