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Gautier is a French brand that has been providing excellent service to its consumers for the past 60 years. Gautier has become the top brand for its French touch designs and durability, thanks to an incredible staff of 750 committed professionals.

Patrice and Annick Gautier began this inspiring story by making beds for children. We aspire to design your homes, offices, and stores with elegance and comfort after 6 decades and our biggest choice of items. Gautier’s style is all about the intricacies, daring to be unusual, and high-quality craftsmanship.

We provide high-quality products by sustainably managed forests and ensure employee safety.

Our designers are always available to assist you in developing your unique interiors. Our specialists will assist you with all aspects of space planning.

Gautier Business has a solution for you at all times. Everything from bedroom furniture to home office supplies may be found in our inventory.

Our furniture’s wood finish matches the warmth of the parquet floor and the beauty of the wall sculpture.

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