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If you are looking for a CPM knee machine rental in the UAE, Sehaasouq is the solution for you! They have the best knee CPM machine rental in the country. They provide the best quality and branded rental CPM machine devices. From the best chosen brands, the CPM machine knee rental can be opted for daily, weekly, or monthly.

A rental CPM knee machine can be beneficial to those with joint stiffness, muscle stiffness, after surgery, and to improve range of motion. A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is a motorised device that moves a joint through a predetermined range of motion in a passive manner. These devices can be used to alleviate joint stiffness and enhance range of motion after surgery. They’re frequently utilised following knee replacement surgery, but they can also be used following elbow, hip, or shoulder surgery.

Do CPM machines have benefits?

After certain types of procedures, joint stiffness might be a problem. This can result in scar tissue formation and a permanent loss of range of motion. Your joint is moved by CPM machines without you needing to move your muscles. They are supposed to assist by reducing the harmful effects of extended immobility. After knee surgery, CPM machines are most commonly used. They can be used to treat the hip, shoulder, and elbow joints, among other things. They’ve also been used to treat persistent non-specific back pain in the past. Visit for further information.

  • Address Warehouse No.10, Gate 2, Red Crescent Warehouse, 6th St, Al Quoz

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