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Renewable as well as recyclable, cork is an all-natural item harvested in 9-year cycles without dangerous cork oaks. The reason is Light, elastic, nonporous and also fire resistant, cork is such an optimal source that no industrial or technological procedure was able to duplicate yet.@

All-natural is trendy! For centuries we have actually taken advantage of cork in the very best red wines however simply recently has this expenses item been discovered by the fashion industry. If you currently really felt an item of cork in your hand you absolutely found that: it is a distinctive, innovative in addition to stylish product, naturally soft, actually charming. No item of cork is alike.

Why is the quality best of cork?

A delicate as well as likewise safeguarded cork oak woodland environment situated in Portugal. Cork is the bark of the cork oaks along with is removed from them every 9 years. Trimming cork oaks is completely forbidden in Portugal. Cork is both at the heart of our firm of bags, bags as well as likewise handbags, footwear and also different other items in the cork area. @

What is the importance of cork in fashion?

Selecting cork style is furthermore a statement! Those that like us respect the planet, located in cork an option of quality to artificial items, developed by a profit-obsessed apparel industry.

Why? Due to the truth that cork is 100% natural, eco-friendly, eco-friendly as well as entirely eco-friendly. And likewise because you can choose to buy this kind the greatest location because its 100% without animal-derived things. @