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When people hear “Orthopedic shoes,” they generally conjure up images of unstylish footwear worn by an elderly relative. However, the word “Orthopedic insoles shoes” refers to a wide range of footwear, from over-the-counter to custom, and from sneakers to dress shoes, all of which are meant to assist persons with various foot issues.

These are available in the form of Orthopedic slippers, Orthopedic sandals and much more! If you are looking for Orthopedic shoes for women in Dubai, visit Sehaaonline. They have a wide range of Orthopedic sandals for women.

What are Orthopedic shoes?

An orthopedic shoe is any shoe designed to help support a foot that has altered mechanics, decreased sensation, or deformity. These shoes often come in more sizes (especially width) than standard shoes and can be modified to a patient’s specific needs.

You’ll need the ortho-assistance for the following reasons-

  • Swollen Feet, or lymphedema
  • Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain and heel spurs
  • Flat and high arched feet
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Diabetes, diabetic ulcers, and Charcot disease
  • Arthritis

Shop and visit Sehaaonline at

You can also call at +971 58 597 9509 respectively.

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