Coolsculpting is an innovative procedure which delivers great results and is totally non-invasive. It is particularly popular with those who are looking to refine and sculpt their figures without having to go under the surgeon’s knife, allowing them to quickly return to their daily activities.

The procedure involves the localised freezing of fat cells. The clinician uses small applicators with vacuums attached, allowing them to suck the fatty tissues into an application cup, where they are frozen and crystalized.

The fat cells are then removed from the body via the natural elimination process, so you can expect the overall effects to show a couple of weeks later.

There are many reasons our patients choose Dubai Coolsculpting at Nova Clinic. These include:

  • To obtain a streamlined, more athletic silhouette
  • To remove unwanted fat
  • To smooth away lumps and bumps
  • To improve tone
  • To kick start a fitness regime
  • To gain a more youthful, healthy appearance
  • To get fast results without going under the knife

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