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Vanila Bridal Showroom offers the most beautiful branded wedding dresses in Dubai. More than 350 wedding dresses are always available in the shop!

We pride ourselves on the excellent service in our bridal showroom and impeccable service. We sell only original wedding dresses.

Despite the large number of bridal shops, it is still difficult to find a beautiful, exclusive wedding dress. Since 2010, we have been giving our clients a sense of originality and perfection, thanks to the beauty and uniqueness of our wedding and evening dresses.

Over the years, the wedding shop “Vanila” has gained great popularity and popularity in Dubai. Regularly attending shows and wedding exhibitions in Europe and America, we have the opportunity to directly enter into contracts with leading companies in the world of wedding fashion.

Therefore, our collections of dresses are the most fashionable and new and we have the opportunity to give competitive prices for wedding dresses.

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