Golden Bridge Trip

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Golden Gate Bridge

Brooklyn residents still try to debate who has the more beautiful bridge, but for San Franciscans that argument was won in 1937, and the only debatable point is where to get the best vantage point on their beloved bridge.

Cinema buffs believe Alfred Hitchcock had it right: seen from below at Fort Point, the bridge induces a thrilling case of Vertigo. Fog aficionados prefer the lookout at Vista Point in Marin, on the north side of the bridge, to watch gusts rush through the bridge cables. Crissy Field is a key spot to appreciate the whole span, with windsurfers and kite-fliers to add action to your snapshots. Unlike the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge provides access to cyclists and pedestrians.
From the Golden Gate Bridge itself, you can see stunning vistas of San Francisco and Marin County, as well as Alcatraz, Angel Island, and oceangoing liners passing through the bridge’s tall red towers. Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Sausalito and the Muir Woods National Monument.

Practical Info

To get to Golden Gate Bridge, take the bridge-bound Golden Gate Transit bus, which departs hourly during the day for Marin County, starting from Mission and First streets. If you’re driving, take the last San Francisco exit, right before the toll plaza, park in the southeast parking lot, and make the crossing by foot, enabling you to take in the amazing views. However, be prepared as it’s usually windy and cold. You can also cross by car, but as traffic moves quickly, you won’t have much time to see the sights.

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