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ADMISSION OPEN IN B.Sc.GEOLOGY , also called as Earth Science or the Geosciences, is the study of the Earth, which includes interior and exterior processes of earth, rocks, minerals, fossils, and all the surface processes that have shaped the landscape around us.

These processes take place over different time scales from millions of years to thousands of years thus it makes hard for us to study these processes.

B.SC Geology is an under graduate program of 3 years duration and is equally distributed into 6 semesters. Geology is a multidisciplinary field that includes a variety of other sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, math, astronomy, statistics, and more.

Geologists collect a variety of evidence from Earth and other planetary bodies to explore the natural world and use that information which they gained to better understand the past, present, and future of the earth.

It also includes the study of mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, palaeontology, structural geology, economic geology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology, engineering geology and applied geology:

  • Education subject Science
  • Date 14/07/2021
  • Time from 12:00 AM
  • Time to 12:00 AM
  • Location / Region India
  • Listing categories Courses

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