Little Scholars Nerang Claim

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Little Scholars Nerang has been custom-designed to nurture the physical, emotional, cognitive and social interests of young children at all developmental levels. In line with our unique early education approach, all Little Scholars Campuses promote interaction with natural materials, free access between indoor and outdoor spaces and optimise meaningful play opportunities for learning development.

Our highly qualified educators provide high quality learning inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach in purpose built environments complete with lush gardens and an abundance of natural resources. Consisting of three flowing classrooms including a specially designed water park, loose part environment for construction, and art space for clay work and fine art materials, children are free to wander from space to space engaging in their own interests.

Sustainability is a core focus at Little Scholars, much of our furniture and indoor equipment made from natural materials to our sustainability programs which include recycling, use of recycled resources, energy efficiency and water conservation, all embedded in daily routines of the service.