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In order to be highly effective, managers must possess a wide variety of managerial skills and utilize the most powerful leadership techniques. In this programme you will learn to:

Advance the quality of your managerial skills Intensify the impact of your leadership style Generate superior performance in your area of responsibility objectives
Course content
Day One: Preparing to Be a Leader

The power of effective personal goal setting
Raising your personal standards
Evaluating your present beliefs
Directing your brain for optimum results
Harnessing the impact of your values
Designing your destiny

Day Two: The Power of Motivation in a Healthy Culture

Harnessing the power of shared vision
Building an atmosphere of trust
Creating support for honest, open communication
The critical impact of mutual respect
Motivation by understanding and meeting human needs
Gaining the benefits of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Day Three: Situational Leadership

New concepts in managerial leadership
Critical skills for effective leadership
The various roles a leader must carry out
Choosing the appropriate style of leadership
Effective decision making and problem solving
Productive methods for performance improvement

Day Four: Managerial Skills Development

Building effective teams
Dealing appropriately with conflict
Managing the process of change
Overcoming the challenges of meetings
Handling stress appropriately
Managing work relationships

Day Five: Achieving Excellence

Attributes of excellent companies
Understanding the McKinsey 7 S framework
Developing a bias for action
Unleashing organizational creativity
The practice of knowledge management
Breaking down the barriers to excellence

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USD 4,100
About Course Provider
Training is important to the achievements of a business. maybe its most positive profit is best workers. a corporation develop the potential of associate worker, and a part of the approach a corporation encourages improvement is thru coaching. Often, smart coaching is simply as vital as a decent edges package for associate worker.

For employers, coaching permits them to find a wider vary of individuals with the sort of outlook that matches the corporate mission statement. The correct quite perspective could be a onerous issue to cultivate, whereas geographic point specific proficiencies are easier to nature. The opposite advantage employers ought to keep in mind regarding coaching is it offers them associate improved retention rate. Workers are a lot of loyal to firms that price their growth and wish to cultivate it, and thus give a more robust performance and reduce the change rate at any company, notwithstanding however little or giant.

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