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We know that the market is full of text to speech software companies and their services. But the question arises – how to choose the best?
When we talk about text to speech software or speech synthesis solutions, we get a long list of software that provides this service. Whichever software you choose, it should be the best text to speech converting software that provides a seamless audio experience.
With professional narration, text to speech makes the content more convenient, and easy in various formats. Many companies have started providing text to speech solutions with human-like speech solutions. SpeechMax is also one of speech synthesizers which provides free text to voice in Hindi provides natural-sounding voices of male and female that is almost indistinguishable from real human voices.
But there are other speech to text platforms as well. Here are the top five text to voice converters.

Top 5 Text to Speech Online Software of 2021

When we opt for the best text to speech online software of 2021, we have a plethora of service providers that stand to serve the best.
But every realm has only one King!
These days, text to speech mp3 with natural voices is the demand for every sector to increase productivity and efficiency of your operations.
There are top 6 text to speech online software available on the Internet. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Features:- As we mentioned that every realm has one king, and that king for the text to speech industry is SpeechMax. Made with state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology, it is one of the best and promising text to voice converting software that provides unlimited natural human-like male and female voice in Hindi.
    With over 615 million of Hindi speaking population, SpeechMax has stood out its intelligence in every aspect of the text to voice conversion with its unlimited free services.
    SpeechMax TTS online free also provides many opportunities to content creators and publishers. This function immediately enhances the accessibility of online content for a greater proportion of the online population.
  • Limitations:- There are absolutely no limitations and it is free to use. You can type or paste your hindi text to convert them into studio quality voiceovers.
  • Plan:- You don’t need to pay a single penny to avail the service. It’s a free text to speech platform. Come and get your text converted into a human like voice and take your business to new heights.


  • Features:- It is an AI-enabled conversion platform for businesses allowing them to effectively and efficiently join and communicate with their existing and potential audience. It brings the brand to life using a custom tts engine with a natural human-like voice. Voicery had some issues and is currently not fully operational.
  • Limitations:- Paid
  • Plan:- $0.001/character

Do Text To Speech Software Really Work?

Yes, text to speech software does really work and at its best. When you use text to speech software for your business, it increases the efficiency of your work, lowering the requirement of labor. It’s much better to make text to speech apps do the job. It helps users to get the information they want without the hassle of a lot of scrolling around. Free text to voice software gives you the opportunity to bring up the hidden thoughts and make them speak for you. For a business, a speech synthesizer can open doors to success. It gives access to your content to challenged sections of society, such as people with low literacy, learning disability, diminished vision etc. It also helps students who are learning new languages. It makes it easier for them to consume a new language’s text with the correct pronunciation. It is said that businesses that integrate text to speech to their working style tend to increase their web presence with more credibility and high authority. It allows you to present your digital content in an easier way.

What are the Benefits of AI in Text to Speech?

Nowadays, more businesses and people are searching for ways to minimize their expenses while offering better service. Free text to voice or say TTS is the fundamental technology driving high-quality self-service systems. It responds to the company’s needs by lowering costs with higher automation and delivering tailored consumer experiences. TTS online software like Speechmax can also be a very helpful aid for those with visual impairments. For those who view apps on mobile devices, it’s not always possible to read a lot of content on a small screen. A text to audio converter can be very helpful in those cases. Anyone can consume the written information through AI generated natural sounding voice overs within minutes. Human and natural voices lead to better consumer service. Consistent brand image can be ensured by using a standard TTS voice through multiple contact points. The ability to vocalize complex content minimizes the workload of call center agents. Increased automation accelerates customer support and reduces operational expenses. Speechmax offers the best quality text to voice online free conversion. There are many benefits of using free Hindi text to speech service from Speechmax. Some are-

  • Effective readings with the application of high linguistic quality.
  • Capacity to read long texts fluently in human-like voices.
  • Hindi language assistance with free online TTS voices.
  • The framework is highly tunable and dynamic.

What are you waiting for? Become the trend setter in 2021 with the best text to speech online free unlimited featured software- SpeechMax.

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