Employers in United Arab Emirates are reminded to abide by the UAE “Anti Discriminatory Law” in recruiting and hiring their applicants.
For a promoter job position in Dubai, one must look good and presentable. However, there are several employees who claimed that they are being paid less compared to other employees with the same position, reported Khaleej Times.
According to Dubai lawyer Shiraz Sethi quoted in the report, any companies or employers who are violating the “Anti-Discriminatory Law” will face six months to 10 years in imprisonment, and will be sanctioned a Dh50,000 to Dh2 million fine.
One promoter of a marketing firm said that they base an employee’s recruitment and salary depending on their performance and looks, and not just their nationalities.
Another promoter from a different company said that ”certain nationalities may be getting paid more than others”.

credit source: filipinotimes.net