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Coffee News® is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide each week. In fact, Coffee News® is the largest weekly restaurant publication in the world. Forbes named Coffee News® one of its “Top 20 Franchises to Start.” Entrepreneur ranks Coffee News® as the #1 Advertising Services Franchise, making Coffee News® one of the world’s best franchise opportunities and most successful business ideas.

  • Coffee News® is simple.Bill and Gayle Coffee News72

    Do you have great people skills and a passion to help your community? Do you encourage friends and neighbors to buy local? Do you want to work from home, be your own boss, promote small business and have fun? You have almost everything you need to start a home-based business with Coffee News®. If you are sales-driven, you can earn money from home with a Coffee News® low-cost franchise.

  • Coffee News® is a low-cost franchise that yields high returns.

    The cost of your Coffee News® affordable franchise is determined by the area you choose to franchise. There are no building permits, construction loans, or other start-up business costs. That’s why our publishers see positive cash flow almost immediately, and earn back their investment quicker than other franchise opportunities. Coffee News® is a low-cost franchise with unlimited income potential! If you want to make more money from home, you can simply expand into new markets. Many of our publishers have turned Coffee News® into a family business. After all, Coffee News® publishers are building equity. A Coffee News® franchise can be sold like any other small business, and when you are ready to retire, we can even help you find a buyer. 

  • Coffee News® provides exceptional support.

    At Coffee News®, we want each and every one of our publishers to succeed. That’s why Coffee News® is a low-cost franchise that comes with an incredibly high level of support.

    • Coffee News® College provides you with three days of intensive, hands-on training at our international headquarters in Bangor, Maine.
    • The Coffee News® Mentor Program pairs you with an experienced, successful publisher for eight weeks of personal guidance and helpful advice on starting your own business.
    • Coffee News® Conferences keep you connected with other Coffee News® publishers close by and around the world.
    • Coffee News® Newsletters are packed with important information, advice, sales strategies and the very best business ideas, all delivered directly to you.
    • Coffee News® Online Resources provide you with FAQs, small business franchise tips, techniques and more.
    • Coffee News® Printing provides ad design and layout services for our publishers and prints 1.5 million copies of Coffee News® each month—all at a very low cost.
    • Coffee News® Online Catalog is your one-stop shop for high quality product displays, promotional gear and more.
    • And most importantly, the Coffee News® Support Staff is always here to help you get the most from one of the world’s best franchise opportunities.
  • Coffee News® provides financing.

    At Coffee News®we offer in-house financing to help you grow your business with less money down.

    • Coffee News® offers in-house financing to qualified applicants.
    • Coffee News® currently offers in-house financing for a 36 month loan at 5% simple interest on a portion of the franchise purchase.
    • Coffee News® also has Veteran financing available. All Veterans receive 0% interest on their second franchise purchase after one year, with $1,000 down payment.

Daily Menu


Vegetable soup

Delicious soup from fresh vegetable


Pork Steak


Great juicy steak from pork meat


Fresh Seafood


salmon, vegetables, toast ...



Cheese Pizza


cheese, oregano, tomato, ham


Healthy Breakfast

milk, strawberries ...


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