A million things to do

…and you won’t want to miss any!

There’s no end of adventures and thrills to experience in Dubai. If you’re game, there are extreme sports activities to get your heart pumping. Then there are activities less adrenaline-boosting but still exciting like shopping, dining and sightseeing. Here are some things to do while in Dubai:


Take to the skies Dubai is breath-taking and especially when seen from above. You can pick out Dubai’s landmarks from the sky in a helicopter or seaplane, or drift lazily across the desert in a hot air balloon. For the more adventurous, there’s sky-diving, bungee-jumping and flyboarding.

The waves beckon


With miles of coastline and azure blue sea, Dubai is a fabulous place for watersports. Parasailing, jet skiing, flyboarding are all available. If you’re fascinated by underwater seascapes, snorkelling and scuba-diving are for you. Banana boats, kayaks, you name it, Dubai has it. Game-fishing and deep-sea fishing are exciting possibilities. Or you can just spend some time out at sea on a chartered yacht!

Rev up those engines

Dubai offers the ultimate race experience. See what it’s like to get the behind the wheel of a Maclaren or a custom-designed single-seater racing machine.

Take in the desert experience

Desert safaris are one way to experience the magnificent landscapes of the Arabian desert. You can even spend the night camping out in the great outdoors. Learn about falcons and falconry and even fly a falcon yourself. Take a wildlife drive through the desert to spot gazelle and oryx. Ride a camel through the desert to get the essential Arab experience.

Dubai Sights and Sounds

At the top The 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – has an observation platform called “At the Top”. From here you can look out on to an ultra-modern city which not so long ago was a pearl-diving village. And back on the ground, you can still see the old wind-towers of the wealthy traders of that time. The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding helps you understand local history, customs and culture.

Malls and Cinemas

Dubai’s shopping malls are renowned the world over. The Dubai Mall, the largest in the world, features amidst its elegant shopping ambience, the 10,000,000-litre Dubai Aquarium where, if you like, you can dive and swim with the sharks. And when it comes to the movies, Dubai leads the way. You can have a cinema experience designed by a celebrity chef, or you can relax under the stars in an open-air auditorium – or even take in a movie while swimming!


With 200 nationalities present in Dubai, you can honestly say that probably no cuisine in the world is left out – You can find it all in Dubai.

created source: dnrd.ae