Wedding at the Consulate – Dubai

The Marriage Section is open from Sunday to Thursday except holidays (both Philippines and UAE) from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. No processing/application on Thursday to give way to solemnization of marriage.

Note: All forms must be computerized/typewritten in Block Format.


  • The Philippine Consulate General has jurisdiction over Dubai and all Northern Emirates.



1. Fill out the following:

See image:

Marriage Application Form


Download here:

See image:


Download here.

See image:


Download here.

2. Submit above mentioned duly filled out forms and other requirements specified below at the Marriage Section:

  • (1) Original DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) NSO Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of both Bride and Groom
    Note: (CENOMAR is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance and it must be “For Marriage Purposes”)
  • (1) Original DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) NSO Birth Certificate of Bride and Groom
  • (1) Passport Copies and Visa Copies of Groom, Bride, Witnesses
  • (2) recent passport-size colored photos of bride and groom
  • (1) Original DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Affidavit of Parental Consent for applicants aged 18-21/Affidavit of Parental Advice for applicants aged 22-25.
    Note: If parent is based here in UAE, personally appear at the Consulate to execute affidavit of parental consent/advice. Bring copies of passport and visa page.
  • In case applicant/s has previous marriage/annulled, submit DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Annotated Marriage Contract/Certificate, DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Court’s Finality, DFA-Authenticated Court’s Decision and DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Advisory on Marriage (with “For Marriage Purposes”) in addition to the usual requirements stated above.
    Note: Passport must be reverted to bride’s single or maiden name prior to submission of application.
  • If applicant’s/s’ husband or wife is deceased, submit DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Death Certificate, DFA-Authenticated (red ribbon) Marriage Certificate/Contract in addition to the usual requirements stated above.
    Note: Passport must be reverted to bride’s single or maiden name prior to submission of application.
  • If the applicant whose current residency is outside UAE and Philippines, submit Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (LCCM) certificate issued from the Philippine Embassy/Consulate which has jurisdiction over the place of residence.

3. Filipino prospective couples will choose a date of their wedding from the available schedule posted at the bulletin of Marriage Section.
4. Proceed to the Cashier for payment (Must be paid in Dirhams only).
5. Attendance to the Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC) seminar is a pre-requisite prior to the issuance of a marriage license. The couple will be informed one week before the seminar through SMS or email. If no information is received please verify schedule from the marriage section.
6. Return on given date of marriage with at least two (2) witnesses and bring 4 copies of passports of both bride and groom. Proceed to Marriage Section for final checking of marriage documents.
7. Solemnization of Marriage at Hall A.
8. Consulate sends marriage documents to DFA for onward transmittal to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO) for registration.
9. 3 months after the wedding, the dispatch number will be emailed to both parties so that they can process the release of their marriage certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO).

Fee: AED 340.00

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