Business Advantages of a POS Integration Claim

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SKUPlugs POS integrations – let you easily expand online and sell to shoppers all over the world. With a few clicks, you can push all your POS inventory to marketplaces and your own shopping cart. Through SKUPlugs omnichannel integration you can sell your whole catalog on your sales channels. Our integrations automatically update inventory across all sales channels, saving your time and reducing costly errors.

POS systems can support your business as it grows. Additional hardware can be purchased and added to terminals already in use, connecting to the software that’s already in place. Upkeep for POS systems includes purchasing new hardware, replacing broken parts and updating software.

SKUPlugs automated process will sync product catalog details from Point of Sale to your eCommerce channels and sales orders from eCommerce channels to Point of sale . It will automatically decimating inventory levels after sales. When these processes are not automated, mistake happen. Product details could be incorrect or missing increase the overselling on your online sales channel.

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