© Provided by Khaleej Times UAE authority just banned 378 products

The Department of Health issued warnings against nine weight-loss products.
They contain sibutramine, an appetite suppressant used to treat obesity.
The substance was banned in the UAE as well as most countries worldwide, as studies indicated its link to increased risk for heart attacks and strokes.
It also issued health warnings for 378 weight loss supplements, most of which are made in China, Hong Kong, as per Al Bayan report.
The Ministry of Health and Community Prevention banned “Dila Diet” pills and “Biotech Fat Attack” capsules as well as the “Phil Diet” regimen.

Other banned pills made in Hong Kong and marketed online as purely herbal products are: Cani Slim, Perfect Slim, Slim Perfect Legs, 7 Day Slim, Cani Cap Arm Slim, and Cani Slim Balance.

The indiscriminate use of adulterated herbal mixtures for weight loss by overweight or obese individuals may lead to significant health risks.

The Department of Health reiterated warnings against buying such drugs from outside the country, whether online or purchased from abroad. Countries suffering from poor quality control of their products result in increased health hazards.

credit source: msn.com